Security Intelligence Analysis

The end users of computers are rapidly growing in leaps and bounds. Coupled nowadays individuals and groups are meeting and holding conversation in the form of posted messages. They differ in many ways, such as chat rooms, chat channels, forums, blogs and others. For this reason is providing to the clients a unique services to index and interact public/private/confidential resources on the Internet space to identify the malicious or threats occurrence. The Security Intelligence Analysis service, or in other words cyber intelligence service is mixture of all resources intersect to search engines that could provide invaluable intelligence regarding the incidence occurrence.

Therefore, examines the data received and interpret it to mitigate the false positives. Thus data gathering and interpreting services are offered mostly by native speakers in several languages coupled with experts in different fields.

Moreover, the following areas are covered in the Security Intelligence Analysis Service (Cyber Intelligence):

  1. Forum Monitoring
  2. Blog Monitoring
  3. Chat Channels Monitoring

Who need this service: 

  1. Financial business
  2. Telecom business
  3. Online e-commerce business
  4. Government Agencies
  5. Private and public organizations
  6. Non-government organizations and many others.